🧠 TikTok Wheel Game = $$$

Today we dive deep into TikTok trend that's minting cash

I'm back, folks – yes, the monarch of moneymaking, the sultan of startup swag, the undisputed heavyweight champ of business brainstorming! Miss me?

I could go into all the details of why I took a hiatus, but who’s got time for that? 

All you need to know is:

  1. I’m back and better than ever.

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And today? Oh boy, have I got a gem of an idea for you. Buckle up! 🚀

TikTok Wheel Game = $$$

Confession time, folks... brace yourselves. I'm absolutely, unabashedly addicted to TikTok. 

I've spent so much time on TikTok, I'm pretty sure my thumb could be considered an Olympic athlete. 

But, all that scrolling led me to a discovery. Sandwiched between dance-offs and lip-sync showdowns, I stumbled upon an account titled The Wheel of Faith

I felt like I ​​found a hidden treasure in a digital haystack.

In this edition, I’m going to break down a TikTok trend that’s printing cash. And, yes, I'm spilling the beans on how you can get in on the action too.

Let’s dive into the TikTok rabbit hole together. 

Here’s the scoop - there’s a TikTok account called The Wheel of Faith that’s crushing it harder than a group of 10-year-olds at a pinata party. 

Some stats: 

  • The account started July 15th, 2023

  • In less than 2 months they gained over 250K Followers

  • Their average video gets 200K views

Now, I’ll try to explain what The Wheel of Faith is all about, but do yourself a favor and go watch a couple of their videos - it’ll be easier that way.

The whole account is centered around building digital gladiators that duke it out in a grande finale tournament. Here are more specifics: 

  1. Each video showcases a character being created. Characteristics like strength, speed, powers, etc… are determined through a series of chance-based spins. Hence the name - The Wheel of Faith.

  2. There’s humor and memes sprinkled throughout to keep the viewer entertained.

  3. To enter for a chance to spin the wheel, you can either comment on every video or pay $75 for an instant spin.

$75 PER SPIN… And that my friends isn’t The Wheel of Faith, it’s The Wheel of Fortune… see what I did there 👀

Wheel of Faith by The Numbers:

Alright, let's break out the abacus and crunch some numbers:

  • The account is sitting pretty at 400,000 followers

  • They charge $75 per spin

  • A conservative conversion rate would be ½ of 1 percent of their total audience.

Those numbers put the revenue somewhere in the $100K - $200K range. That’s fishing with dynamite in the pond of profitability. 

Here’s another angle. Let’s take the avg. videos the account creates daily (3-4) and multiply that by $75. Let’s also assume 25% of their videos aren’t paid spins, but free ones going to the comment crowd.

3 videos/day 365 (days in a year) $75/spin = ~$80,000/year  

But wait, there’s more! said in my best Billy Mays impression 

There are a couple other revenue streams worth mentioning:

  1. 3D Characters: The account created a website where they are selling 3D printed figurines of characters. You’ll pay a cool $400/character - oh, and it’s already sold out.

  2. TikTok Ad Revenue:  A little birdie (okay, it was Google) told me creators make ~$40 per 1M views. That would put Wheel of Faith at ~$10/post 😬 

  3. Brand Partnerships: While I haven’t seen this yet, I won’t be surprised when the Wheel of Faith starts cashing in some sweet, sweet brand deals with gaming companies. 

How to Execute:

Now that you’re totally bought into the opportunity, here’s how you get in on the action: 

Replicating Success:

  • Other Character Creation Wheels: I’ve done the heavy lifting for you (you’re welcome, by the way). Here’s a list of other character creation wheels on TikTok. This could work great for Marvel superheroes, Pokemon, or other popular characters.

  • Sports Mashup: I’ve seen countless videos like this, using a filter to build the perfect athlete. Imagine doing character creation wheels but with baseball players, basketball players, or even UFC fighters - could be the crossover we’ve been waiting for.

  • Boss Battles & Adventures: Why wait for the final showdown? Let your characters battle epic bosses along their journey. When they win, they level up like they've just chugged a magical elixir. Lose, and poof! They're vaporized from the universe. 

  • Dynamic Duel Wheels: Implement a concept where two characters are created from separate spins and then pitted against each other, with followers predicting the winner.

Innovating Beyond the Wheel:

  • Mystery Solving Games: Drop breadcrumbs of clues and riddles. Each video is a new mystery, each solution a step closer to... well, more mystery!

  • Time-Limited Challenges: Create urgency with time-limited challenges where followers have to make decisions or solve puzzles within a set period.

  • Role-Playing Games (RPG): Develop an RPG narrative where followers choose their paths, gear, and allies, with each decision affecting the game's outcome.

And because I don’t want to hear any "but I don’t know how" excuses, here's a handy-dandy video I found on how to do a spin-the-wheel edit on TikTok

In summary, here’s why you should pursue this: 

  • Remarkable Growth Potential: The Wheel of Faith's journey from zero to hero (read: 250K followers in less than two months) isn't just impressive; it’s the digital equivalent of striking oil in your backyard.

  • Diverse Revenue Streams: Not only are you looking at a potential cash cow with the $75 per spin model, but let's not forget those 3D-printed character figurines flying off the shelves like hotcakes. Plus, there's the TikTok ad revenue and the yet-untapped goldmine of brand partnerships.

  • Innovative Execution Avenues: Think beyond the wheel with mystery-solving games, time-limited challenges, and RPG narratives that turn followers into avid participants.

That’s all for this week - now get out there and build it!

— Keevin ✌️