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🧠 Gaming 🤝 AI: A $100M AI Gaming Tool 

Gaming 🤝 AI: A $100M AI Gaming Tool 

7 years… that’s how long I’ve been playing League of Legends (LoL). Tirelessly climbing my way out of ‘Elo-Hell’ (it’s a LoL thing)... all while battling the most toxic community known to man.

But here’s the thing, I keep coming back. 

I hate to admit it, but LoL has me in a chokehold. Me and over 150M other masochists worldwide. 

So when a random X (Twitter) clip caught my attention, my mind started racing with the possibilities. 

This week, I’m going to share an idea that could turn my misery into a $100M+ juggernaut.

Let’s dive in…

Take a look at the Twitter clip if you haven’t yet. If you reuse click out of this email because I’ve captivated you with my writing… thanks. But seriously, go watch the clip.

Someone built an AI tool that does a full play-by-play commentary on LoL games. And it’s good. Like, Morgan Freeman narrating your gameplay good.

It doesn’t just tell you the score, kill count, and other basic information. Oh no, it dives into the nitty-gritty of positioning tactics, team strategies, it’s throwing around LoL jargon like a seasoned pro…

And, it’s dishing out real-time advice on how each team can win. A lightbulb went off.

The big idea here isn’t building out an AI commentator, it’s turning this tech into an AI video game coach.

Believe it or not, LoL coaching (and video games in general) is a MASSIVE industry with several VC-backed companies such as: 

But, traditional coaching comes with some challenges, namely: 

  1. Pricey AF - You’ll need to start a GoFundMe campaign for one session.

  2. Questionable Quality - Could be great advice, could be your little cousin spewing nonsense.

Problems = opportunities. Opportunities that a simple AI tool can solve. Boy, do I love the future!

Let’s look at the numbers:

Here’s some gaming economics that’ll make your eyes twitch:

  1. Most players spend over $100 per coaching session.

  2. Famously (infamously?), this league coach is charging players $300 per session.

My point? Gamers are willing to spend money on improving their skills.

Assuming you charge $50/month for unlimited access to your AI coaching bot, you’d need roughly 200 customers to be at $10K/month.

Given the player base of LoL alone is 150M, capturing 200 players seems doable.

But, I didn’t promise you a little side hustle that makes $10K/month… I promised you a $100M behemoth, and I’m not one to break a promise

There are well over 500M active players across top competitive games.

You’d only need about 100K - 200K paying customers, to be within striking distance of a $100M valuation. That’s 0.02% of 500M… or 1/50 of 1% for those of you who are math-challenged like me. 

How to Execute:

Unlike some of my other ideas, you’re going to need some technical chops to pull this off. Luckily, you’re not starting from scratch. Using OpenAI’s vision API and its text-to-speech capabilities, you’ve got the bones. 

But before you build the version with all the bells and whistles, I’d recommend seeing if you’ve got the marketing skills to get your first 100 customers. 

Here’s what I’d do: 

  1. This product has viral potential. To capitalize on that, create a demo of the product, even if it’s all smoke and mirrors. 

  2. Film a simple video of how it could work. Don’t be flashy. People love UGC-style posts - just show how the product works.

  3. Post the video in Reddit + Facebook communities where gamers talk about improving their gameplay and seeking advice from the community.  This is where your early adopters will be. Some examples would be:

    1. r/LeagueOfLegends

    2. r/SummonerSchool

    3. r/Proguides

    4. Canada League

    5. LoL North America

  4. Create a waitlist signup where you collect information from potential customers. This will get you a waitlist of 1000+ customers. 

  5. From there, co-create the product with a specific segment of your waitlist.

Easy? No. Simple? Yes.

In summary, here’s why you should pursue this: 

  1. Monumental Market Opportunity: With a player base of over 150 million in LoL alone, and a willingness to spend big bucks on coaching (some up to $300 a session), this AI coaching tool taps into an enormous, ready-to-spend market.

  2. Technology Unlock: Utilizing OpenAI’s vision API and text-to-speech technology, you can build a product in weeks that would have taken you years not long ago.

  3. Low Entry Barrier, High Reward: Unlike other ventures that require a heavy upfront investment, this idea rides on the back of existing, accessible technology. This means lower costs to start and a sky-high ceiling for potential growth.

That’s all for this week - get out there and build it!

— Keevin ✌️