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Chill Out & Cash In: Launching Your Own Cold Plunge Empire

I’m a fitness fanatic. Scratch that - I’m a fitness freak.

CrossFit? Done it. Powerlifting? Lifted it. Bodybuilding? Built it. Personal training? Trained it.

Through this fitness journey, I've realized two undeniable truths: 

  1. No one loves muscles on a dude like other dudes love muscles on a dude

  2. Fitness fads come and go, but when a trend hits, it’s impossible to ignore.

Right now, we’re witnessing one of the biggest fitness trends I’ve ever seen.

Today, I’m giving away a business idea that:

  1. Capitalizes on this trend

  2. Can be launched by anyone, anywhere 

  3. Requires less than a couple thousand to kick off

Lace-up your sneakers, chug your pre-workout, and let’s take a plunge into this venture.

Cold Plunges: The trend that’s taking the fitness world by storm

The concept is simple, throw yourself into ice cold water for 1-10min. Why? For benefits like burning fat, decreasing inflammation, reducing stress, the list goes on. It’s kind like the ice-bucket challenge, but a lifestyle. 

Cold plunging isn’t anything new - ask professional athletes. They’ve been taking cold baths for years. 

But, influencers like Andrew Huberman and Joe Rogan have made cold plunging hotter than ever. Suddenly, every tech bro wants to train like a professional athlete… coding all day is tough on the joints, OKAY?!? 

Don’t believe me? Take a look at this chart from Google Trends: 

We’ve hit peak cold plunge craze. So what’s the issue? 

Cold plunges aren’t accessible to the masses. Here’s why:

  1. Cost + Space: A typical cold plunge is going to cost you between $1,000 - $5,000 and most are the size of a bathtub.

  2. Maintenance: Cleaning, recycling water, and controlling water temperature make owning a cold plunge a hassle.

  3. Limited Use: Remember that gym membership card collecting dust? Or those running shoes that only saw daylight once? Yeah, cold plunges risk the same fate.

What’s the solution? 

A cold plunge club. Pay a small fee to have access to a facility with cold plunges you can use whenever you want.

This is the same model as a gym membership but with less equipment, less space, and more shriveled-up nuts. 

The Numbers Behind Cold Plunge Club:

If you’re still not convinced, that’s okay. Let me explain the idea with everyone’s favorite subject… ✨math✨ 


  • 2-4 Cold Plunges = $2,000 - $4,000 (One Time)

    • A plunge lasts for 3min on avg. you don’t need many to fulfill demand

    • Broker a deal with a cold plunge company. Get free cold plunges and promote their product to all your members

  • Facility Cost = $500 - $1,000 (Monthly) 

    • Run your operations outside or in parks to cut on facility costs

  • Miscellaneous = $500 (Monthly)

Membership Revenue: 

  • Membership: $30/month  

  • One-Time Use: $10/session

With only ~300 members, you're looking at a cool $10K a month. Pretty n-ice, right? (see what I did there 👀)

But the possibilities don’t end there:

  • Mobile Cold Plunge: For a premium, you bring the cold plunge to them.

  • Franchise the Model: You just have to nail this once and you can franchise it across cities everywhere.

  • Create a Course: Not into franchising? Package the business blueprint and sell it for $5,000 online. Because knowledge is profit… I mean power. 

How to Execute

The beauty of this business is that you can test demand before buying any equipment.

Step 1: Test Demand

  • Google Ads: Spend $500 on Google ads and see if anything hits. If you can acquire a customer for less than 1 month's membership fee, you’ve got a winner. 

  • Partner with Local Brands: See if gyms, yoga studios, dietitians, etc… will promote your service to their members. They’ve got the people; you’ve got the plunge. 

  • Hang Flyers: Oldschool - I know, but it’ll work. Target areas near gyms, parks, and other places where active people spend time.

  • Partner with Local Influencers: Every city has micro-influencers and they are looking for content. Offer them free membership in exchange for trying your products.

    • You can always buy one cold plunge to shoot content in and return it if it’s a flop. Work the system baby. 

Step 2: You’re In Business

  • Get Free Plunges: I mentioned this above, but it’s worth saying twice. Broker a deal with a cold plunge company. Get free cold plunges and promote their product to all your members.

  • Pick a Park: Where I live, public parks are bumpin’. Set up your cold plunges and offer parkgoers 50% off a plunge if they do it on the spot. Just don’t forget the towels.

  • Start a Challenge: People love fitness challenges. Create a leaderboard or offer incentives for people who maintain the highest streak.

  • Blow up Social: This has social media written all over it. The amount of content you can create around this business is wild. You’re doing it wrong if this isn’t your #1 acquisition channel. 

In summary, here’s why you should pursue this: 

  • Capitalizing on a Hot Trend with Cool Returns: Leverage the booming popularity of cold plunges, endorsed by fitness influencers and athletes, to tap into a growing market with a unique, low-cost membership model.

  • Affordable Startup with Expansive Potential: Start with minimal investment (around $2,000 - $4,000) and explore lucrative expansions like mobile services, franchising opportunities, and selling business blueprints.

  • Strategic and Low-Risk Execution: You can test this business idea with almost no capital through Google Ads and partnerships with local brands and influencers, then scale with innovative strategies like park setups and social media challenges.

That’s all for this week - now go make some cold, hard cash!

— Keevin ✌️

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