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🧠 3 Idea Thursday + Big Announcement

Inflatable Nightclubs, Skool Analytics Platform, arXiv Weekly Digest

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Every week, I spend dozens of hours searching for the best business ideas.

Here are my favorites this week! But first…

🚨 I’m selling Brainstorms 🚨

The time has come for me to focus my attention on other projects.

But don’t worry - I’m going to take the time to find the right buyer… it’s my baby after all.

If I can’t find the right buyer, then you’ll be stuck with me a little longer.

Are you interested? Respond to this email and I’ll send you more details.

PS I’ll do a sweetheart deal if the person is a good fit 😉

🧠 1: Skool Analytics Platform

Two of my favorite research tools are (or… were):

  • GummySearch: A tool that helps users research audiences on Reddit. It can help users find pain points, solutions, content ideas, and sales leads.

  • Subreddit Stats: A tool that highlights trends and growth of Subreddits. Unfortunately, when Reddit jacked up the price of API access, a lot of the site features turned off.

Skool is the new kid on the block, and it’s growing FAST.

The same two tools could be built for Skool and crush it.

A quick word from our sponsor:

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Not everyone has to know what they want to sell yet.

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⏰ Hurry, spots are flying off the shelf. We kick things off next week! 📆

🧠 2: arXiv Weekly Digest

If you’re like me (and 99% of the population), you have no idea what arXiv is.

If you do… well, congrats you’re a nerd. *proceeds to dish out a wedgie* 

But in all seriousness, arXiv is one of the largest collections of academic articles ranging from physics, computer science, finance, and more - and it’s all free.

The problem? The site is clunky, and it’s time-consuming to read through 20-50-page research papers to find the golden nuggets.

Using AI, you could build a solution that reads each article, finds the important points, and curates them into a weekly newsletter based on the reader’s preferences.

🧠 3: Inflatable Nightclubs

Is this a good idea? 🤷‍♂️

But I do know this:

  1. This has HUGH social media potential

  2. There are a lot of upsell opportunities

  3. You can buy an inflatable nightclub for ~$1,000 and rent it out for $250 - $400. Not a bad side gig.

That’s all for this week. Please leave me feedback and let me know what you think!

— Keevin ✌️

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