🧠 3 Idea Thursday

Inbox Agents, Storyworth for Children, Mobile Coat Checks

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Every week, I spend dozens of hours searching for the best business ideas.

Here are my favorites this week!

🧠 1: Inbox Agent

I pay $1,000/month for an EA who just manages my team’s inbox. She’s awesome, but it’s expensive.

Here’s why someone needs to pursue this:

  • You could build this in a weekend

  • Huge TAM

  • I’d 100% pay for it

Oh, and here’s a video showing you exactly how to build it👇

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🧠 2: Storyworth for Kids

When I graduated college, my mother gave me 3 large boxes of keepsakes that she collected over my childhood.

I go through those boxes every year - it’s my favorite ritual.

Storyworth (check them out) validated that this idea should exist.

But, they focus on the aging parent’s story.

Create a service that tells the coming-of-age story.

🧠 3: Mobile Coat Checks

I focused on the wrong things in college.

That’s all for this week. Please leave me feedback and let me know what you think!

— Keevin ✌️

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