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Tax Harvesting, Podcast Summarizer, Solar Panel Cleaning

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Every week, I spend hours searching for the best business ideas.

Here are my favorites this week!

🧠 1: Tax Harvesting 🤝 Profits

This is actually genius. But the stock market is confusing…

Imagine you have a collection of stamps (stocks in an EFT). Every year, some stamps might become less popular (lose value) while others become more popular (gain value).

When you sell a stamp for a gain, you pay taxes on it.

When you sell a stamp for a loss, you can ‘tax harvest’. This offsets the taxes on stamps you sell for a gain, or your total taxable income.

Here’s how this idea works:

Stamp A = currently unpopular (but you bought it when it was popular)

Now, imagine there's a robot that tells you the perfect time to sell Stamp A so that the sale price + tax harvesting is greater than the current market price of Stamp A.

This allows you to swap Stamp A for an identical Stamp A, and have the transaction be a financial gain.

😮‍💨 My head hurts… on to the next idea, yeah?

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🧠 2: AI Podcast Summarizer

Too many good podcasts, too little time. A few of my favorites:

🧠 3: Solar Panel Cleaning

Simple ideas are beautiful ideas. Here’s the gist:

  • Dust, debris, and bird shit reduce solar panel efficiency by 25 to 50% (this figure is debated online)

  • It’s recommended to clean solar panels 2-4 times per year

How to test this:

  • Use Google Earth to find neighborhoods with a lot of solar panels (Or buy/find a leads list of homes with solar panels)

  • Send out flyers, cold call, run targeted ads, etc…

  • Charge $199 for one-time clean, $599 for all-year cleaning (4x per year)

That’s all for this week.

— Keevin ✌️

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