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Dream Homes Made Easy: Your Guide to AI-Driven Virtual Staging

AI's been rocking my world lately.

  • Midjourney and Magnific make photography as obsolete as dial-up internet

  • With Perplexity and ChatGPT, even my grandma can spin words like Shakespeare 

  • And Suno? It's churning out tunes that'll make your Spotify playlist look like amateur hour

The magic of AI is impressive enough to wow anyone. But, it’s moving so fast that the everyday consumer is overwhelmed and can’t keep up. 

This opens up a window of opportunity to become what I call AI middleman… no, no, an ✨AI Liasion✨. Much better. 

An AI Liasion doesn’t build the AI, he simply finds people who could benefit from using it, sells the service, and then lets the AI do the heavy lifting.

Today, I’m going to share with you an AI tool you can use to start your AI Liasion journey.

Let’s dive into it.

Once Upon a Virtual Stage: The AI Home Makeover Story

Ah, the good ol' American Dream: get hitched, have a couple of mini-yous, and buy a house that's straight out of Home Goods. It's the vision we were sold as kids.

Fast forward to your 30s. You’ve been hoarding pennies and are ready to splurge on that dream home. But wait, which photo catches your eye? The bland one that screams "I gave up on life," or the swanky pad that would make any mother proud.

Enter the era of "staged to sell" homes, where every living room whispers, "I'm casually luxurious, yet inexplicably unlivable." It's the art of convincing people they need a minimalist Scandinavian design in a suburban bungalow.

Confusing? Absolutely. Necessary? Apparently so.

Creating these interiors is pricey. Real-estate agents happily pay design companies $1,000s to bring in high-end couches, tables, and decor so they can get more cash for their homes. It’s simple ROI. 

But, this is expensive, time-consuming, and you’re limited to one interior design.

Cue of the hero of our story: Virtual staging, the AI edition. Forget about hauling furniture to homes and arguing about whether the vase is too "vase-y”. Virtual staging is done behind a computer and then the images are sent to realtors.

And until recently, virtual staging required a master's degree in interior design and some serious PhotoShop skills. But now, there are AI tools built for virtual staging like: 

With less than $1 and a simple description, you can transform an empty room into a visual masterpiece.

These tools are what we’ll use to build a business that generates $10K/month.

How to Execute

Step 1: Finding Your Customers

Unlike many industries, real estate agents WANT you to reach out to them. Finding their emails is easier than spotting a neon sign in a dark alley.

We’re not looking to talk to just any agents, though. Through Zillow and RedFin, you can find pictures of listings and homes that are unstaged. These are the agents we want to reach out to.

Step 2: The Offer

Now, we’ve all received marketing emails where someone is pitching their service, wanting you to buy something, or trying to get you to jump on a call.

The problem with these emails is that they don’t provide value. They ask for your time, money, and firstborn child while giving nothing in return. 

We’re going to flip the script, here’s how 👇

Hey {Real estate agent name},

I was looking through Zillow and saw your property on {insert address}. 

I took the liberty of making the thumbnail photo stand out a bit more (totally free of charge) - see the attached image. 

If you’re interested, could upgrade all your photos for less than $500! 

Just say yes and I’ll send over more details.

PS On average you’d increase the sale price by %5 with better photos.

With an investment of $100 and a weekend of work, you’ll have high-quality offers sent to 100 potential buyers.

The Business Model:

I promised you a business idea that makes $10K/month and I intend to deliver.

Let’s break it down:

  1. The Model: Unlimited virtual staging services for $1,000/month.

  2. Product Costs: On avg. each client will need <100 photos a month. We’ll ballpark this cost as $100/client

  3. Marketing Costs: Let’s say you convert at ½ a percent (.5%). Using the strategy above, you’d need to send 200 emails to get a $1,000/month client. Sending those 200 emails will cost you $200 in photo charges.

  4. (optional) Labor Costs: Don’t feel like doing the grunt work? Hire overseas labor for less than $1,000/month.

You only need about 13 clients to hit your $10K/month target. Oh, and there are more than 1.5M real estate agents in the US alone.

For the haters: 

  • People on Fivver do this already! 

    • You’re right! Fivver is a great way to see where demand is. Just like design and marketing agencies still thrive in a world crammed with DIY Canva designs, it's not about the service; it's about how you serve it. The unique marketing tactics, the pricing model, and the brand you build set you apart.

  • Why wouldn’t agents just use the AI tools themselves?

    • Why do we hire plumbers to fix simple drain clogs? Why do guys pay barbers for a buzz cut they could do blindfolded? Because we don’t want to learn how to do it ourselves. We don’t have the time, energy, or desire to figure it out. AI is no different.

In summary, here’s why you should pursue this: 

  • High Demand, Low Hassle: Real estate agents are actively seeking ways to make their listings stand out, and virtual staging meets this need perfectly. Unlike traditional staging, virtual staging eliminates the physical and logistical hassles of moving furniture, offering a convenient, cost-effective solution. With over 1.5 million real estate agents in the U.S. alone, the market potential is huge.

  • Accessible AI Technology: Recent advancements in AI tools have made virtual staging more accessible than ever. You don’t need advanced skills in Photoshop or interior design to create stunning, sale-enhancing images.

  • Profitable Business Model: The business model offers a clear path to generating substantial income with minimal upfront costs. Additionally, the option to outsource work further reduces the effort required, making it an attractive venture for both novices and seasoned entrepreneurs in the digital space.

That’s all for this week - now get out there and build it!

— Keevin ✌️

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